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About Us

Farmington Valley Health District has been the proud recipient of an 8-year
Movember grant that has allowed us to focus on building a robust men’s mental
health initiative called Resilience Grows Here (RGH) that serves as a public health
approach to identifying mental health risk factors in our communities and providing

opportunities for increasing mental health literacy, reducing stigma, and increasing

access to mental health care, with a special focus on our veteran population.

"Coming Home"

Treatment vs Prevention

The Public Health approach is about prevention. RGH focuses on providing communities with the tools to Prevent mental health injury and to identify issues early so that we can prevent further injury to the individual and community. We do this by providing:

  • QPR Suicide Prevention trainings and Mental Health First Aid – funeral homes, patriot guards, vet motorcycle groups, VFW & American Legion groups, schools, and community members

  • Peer trainings – Training all groups working with veterans from the VFW to local clubs, bars, and service providers to be better peer mentors and to help advocate for the needs of our veterans and their families

  • Year of Resilience School Based Program – FVHD won the NACCHO Emerging Best Practice award for this program in 2019. It is currently being taught in 3 of our school systems in the Farmington Valley bringing lessons in resilience and mental health awareness to our children.

  • Resiliency programs at 103rd National Guard – Working with our National Guard members and student flight to better prepare them for the service they have chosen. Working to equip them with a mental health toolbox and working to de stigmatize mental health in the military environment

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All Videos

All Videos
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Health Matters - E004 - Mutual Wellness HD

Health Matters - E004 - Mutual Wellness HD

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Health Matters - E005 - Grows Here HD

Health Matters - E005 - Grows Here HD

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Health Matters - E012 - Mental Health First Aid

Health Matters - E012 - Mental Health First Aid

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Meet The Team

RGH team

Justine Ginsberg

Leesa Philippon

Jennifer Kertanis

Robert Havens

Jim Hayden

Susan Samuel

Kim Radda

Steven Troop

Jeff Sturgeon

Thomas Shannon

Kasey Timberlake

Mary Ellen Brown

Jack Harvey

Lee Wilson

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