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Nikola Dokmanovic – Psychology Major CCSU

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

It’s taught me so much about the importance of resilience in life. Working with the Children in school has been such a rewarding experience as we’ve all watched their development in thinking about the topic and beginning to relate their understanding to their life experiences.

It’s taught me that there’s a lot more to masculinity than generally is spoken about. The work with the 103rd Air National Guard has introduced me to some incredibly and truly strong people. RGH has also given me an opportunity to gain experience and certifications in several areas such as suicide prevention, and Mental health first aid training.

Without Movember funding RGH would not have been able to do the work it has. Every time I work in the schools, I see the importance of the work we do. Parents in the community come up and thank me for the impact in their sons lives, or kids will recognize me and come up and engage in frank and honest conversations about the topics we teach. To change one child’s life for the better is to begin to heal the world – and Movember is helping RGH to do that every day.

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